AO WhatsApp v6.85 – APK Download For Android (Official)

The app ao Whatsapp is the advanced version of all other WhatsApp applications. But it will provide users with many services compared to other apps. Also, the benefits of this application are more than any other app. Additionally, it is very secure and safe and you can have it on your android devices without hesitation. So download ao Whatsapp to avail everything new and advanced.

AO WhatsApp

The Whatsapp ao gosto is the modified version of the app. That specially develops to provide more to the users. It can satisfy all the users differently. It offers many new tools and features to entertain the user. Also, the application is available free for everyone free of cost. Also, it doesn’t charge even for downloading. So, feel free to download ao Whatsapp and get yourself access to all the advanced features.

Download AO Whatsapp Latest Version

AO Whatsapp
App NameAO Whatsapp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File Size37.80 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of AO Whatsapp

  • Edit Messages

Now on WhatsApp, users can edit their sent messages. In case they repent what they texted someone. Now they can edit it. Also, it won’t let the reader know that the message was something else, and you’ve edited it later.

  • Translate Messages

Though unusually, you can translate messages in any other language, ao Whatsapp apk download, and now read the messages in any of your desired languages. You’ll see the option of languages; from there, you can switch to any desired language.

  • Download Long Videos

Now you can download long-size videos on Whatsapp ao Vivo. Because it’ll provide, the user’s this feature to download any long-sized videos without any restriction. Moreover, there is no limit on video size. No matter how long, you’ll be able to download it.

  • Send Long Videos

Now no restriction on videos while sending to someone, and you don’t have to cut the video or don’t need to sense in 2 sessions just because it allows you to send any large video you want. Also, it won’t show any restrictions while doing it.

  • Download Other Files

File downloading is not usual, but in opcoes ao Whatsapp, users can download any file they want. It does provide this benefit to the completion of any file downloading.

  • More Stickers

You can have more stickers in alternatives ao Whatsapp. Now you’ll have a vast range of different stickers of different things. Additionally, these stickers can make your chat funnier and more enjoyable.

Mod Features

  • Nothing Premium

Get the Acesso ao Whatsapp if you don’t want to use a single premium feature because it doesn’t have a single premium feature. Everything is available unlocked, and the user will get access to all these advanced features right after installing Whatsapp ao pharmaceuticals.

  • Free of Charge

If you’re thinking of paying money after seeing these fantastic features, you’re wrong because the Ao WhatsApp app is free of cost. Moreover, it’s free worldwide, and anybody can download it on their devices without getting paid. 

How to use it?

This is an elementary WhatsApp edition. Also, nobody will feel any difficulties while using the app. As it’s very convenient, anybody can use it even if they have never used WhatsApp. However, users will have all the options available in the app’s setting; from there, they can reset the setting anytime.

What’s New?

Though this AO WhatsApp is itself the newest. But recently, they’ve added many new features to the app. Such as, users can enter more than 250 characters, send notes, and the project facilitator is also available, and edit messages to change the translation of messages into any other language. Apart from these new tools, there are many more for the users. So, you better download ao Whatsapp update 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, you’ll be able to edit your sent messages, and the receiver won’t even get a hint of it.

Yes, you can translate the receiving messages into any desired language.

Yes, the ao Whatsapp is entirely safe for your device.

Final Verdict on AO Whatsapp

Now you can have all these mentioned features in ao Whatsapp. So, don’t miss the chance to use all these unexpected features and get all the benefits.

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