Arabic WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2022

The app arabic WhatsApp provides them with the best WhatsApp services. As it’s available for Android devices, low or high, it doesn’t matter. Also, the developers designed Arabic WhatsApp as a way that it’ll protect the user’s content and will also provide infinite privacy. It’ll have all the things that make it. More advance and better versions among all. Additionally, The Arabic app isn’t banned. So, feel free to download arabic WhatsApp apk.

Arabic WhatsApp

It is a free app available for everyone from all around the world. The arabic WhatsApp gold has many functions and tools, including features. All those functions and tools are accessible to all users. Also, the Arabic app doesn’t have any premium or locked features. Users can have command over all components and the app right after installing. It has far better and many new things to offer to users. Arabic WhatsApp apk download to get everything advanced.

Download Arabic WhatsApp Latest Version

Arabic WhatsApp
App NameArabic WhatsApp
File Size35.5 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of Arabic WhatsApp

  • Automatic Replies Tool

Suppose the user receives any message on Arabic WhatsApp from any contacts. In that case, they don’t have to open the WhatsApp application to reply to that message because the Arabic WhatsApp application has a feature of automatic response. Because of it, users won’t have to open the app specifically to reply to anybody.

  • 90 Images at Once

Sending more than 90 images at a time is not impossible anymore. There’s no need to worry while sharing pics. As 90 is a good number when it comes to sharing pictures. Also, no one has to pay for this feature, as it’s free.

  • Different Themes

The. Arabic WhatsApp application has a wide range of themes. Users can select one of many themes to decorate their application. They can change the theme anytime whenever they want.

  • Control Over Privacy

Users will have complete control over the privacy of this application. They can hide double ticks, blue ticks, and was b anybody’s status without letting them know. As arabic WhatsApp status policy is fantastic, that’s why you can watch anyone’s story, and your name won’t even show in their viewer’s list. Additionally, users can hide arabic WhatsApp dp from some of the specific contacts. They can set all these things from the setting option of Arabic WhatsApp.

  • Hide Last Seen and Online Status

Though you can hide many things, including last seen, hiding online status whenever you’re online is a very new thing. Because of this feature, whenever you’re online, the selected contacts won’t be able to see that you’re online.

  • Advance Emojis and Stickers

The arabic WhatsApp stickers are very eye-catching. Users will also have emojis of people wearing djellabas and many amazing costumes. Moreover, all of these stickers and emojis get unblocked.

Mod Features

  • Free of Cost

The arabic WhatsApp group link 2020, the arabic WhatsApp group link 2021, and the arabic WhatsApp group link 2022 all are available, and you can have any of them available free of cost. From downloading Arabic WhatsApp to using everything is free of charge.

How to use it?

The Arabic app works very smoothly. Users can understand every bit of this app within no time. Moreover, if you have never used any WhatsApp application, you can still use Arabic WhatsApp. 

What’s new?

App has a variety of latest tools and functions. Users can have newly launched features after updating the app. Such as new emojis, stickers, and privacy options are better than before. Make sure to download the current version of Arabic WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can use all the djellabas emojis after downloading the app.

Yeah, you can hide your online status even from specific contacts while being online.

Yes, the app is completely secure and safe for your devices.

Final Verdict on Arabic WhatsApp

To get the arabic WhatsApp made with all the advanced technology. You’ll get command on every little tool and feature. Apart from this, nobody will ask you to pay for this WhatsApp application. Also, it’s very safe as a matter of security.

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