AZWhatsApp APK Download | v10.90 Latest Version

The app az whatsapp is one of the most acceptable mod versions available for all the low and high-end android devices. Also, the az whatsapp latest version is fully secure and safe for your devices and all your content. So you can have this Application without worrying about your privacy. So, download az whatsapp RED on your devices and enjoy everything latest and secure.


A variety of features in the Az application are waiting to serve you. It has many tools and features that will benefit the users. However, it has all the advancements; nothing in the Az WhatsApp is locked or premium. However, you can have it easily on your devices without any difficulties. So, download it now on your device to have the current edition.

Download AZ WhatsApp Latest Version

App NameAZWhatsApp
AuthorSam Mod
File Size45 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of AZ WhatsApp

  • Many Fonts

The az whatsapp 2 download you’re fond of using different fonts as it has a feature that will allow users to pick any of their favorite fonts among 30. The 30 font quantity is massive; fortunately, all of them are easily accessible. As none of those are locked. 

  • Translation

Now in Az WhatsApp, you can translate the receiving messages into another language. You can also translate your typed message into another language before sending it to any contact. So, in case any of your communications don’t know your language. Still, you can send them messages by turning your message into the language they understand.

  • See the Delete Messages

When you receive any message on Az WhatsApp, and the sender deletes that message, it won’t. Being the user of this Application, you’ll be able to read all the messages they sent even if they’ve deleted them. So not to worry, if they even deleted the sent messages, still you’ll be able to read.

  • Lock Application

No need to download another app to keep your WhatsApp app locked because az whatsapp apk has this feature; with the help, you can set a password, and your Application will be closed. However, this lock will only apply to your WhatsApp app. That’s why nobody will be able to unlock it.

  • Customization

Customization options are also available in the app. You can customize many things, such as status bar, wallpapers, icons, background, and many more. Also, you’ll have a variety of everything to choose from.

  • Anti-ban

The az whatsapp download 2022 version. As az whatsapp anti ban. That’s why it’s fully legalized and approved by the higher authorities. So if you keep this app on your device, it won’t get banned. 

Mod Features

  • Unblocked Material

Everything in the Az application is accessible to everyone who downloads this Application. Everyone will have complete command on everything, including downloading to using features. Everything is easily accessible and unlocked.

  • Free to Use

If you’re worried about paying money, stop worrying because the full service of Az WhatsApp, including downloading the app, is free of cost. Download az whatsapp 10.80 on your devices and enjoy all the benefits free of charge.

How to use it?

Using the app is easy; anybody can get it with a few uses. Just download the Application, and after that, you’ll understand everything related to this app after exploring it a bit. Every function is very understandable for everyone.

What’s new?

Though, the Az WhatsApp modified editions are themselves something very new. That matches the technology of this current era. Developers have added many pro features to the app. Such as translating the messages into any language. Make it more secure than any previous app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll have more than 30 fonts, and you can change any of them.

Yeah, you’ll be able to read all the actual Messages, even if the sender deleted them.

You can customize your app by changing the background, icons, themes, and colors.

Final Verdict on AZWhatsApp

You have all these features. You have to download az whatsapp to your devices. Additionally, you can recommend the Application to others so that they can have it too.

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