Episode – Choose Your Story 14.80 (MOD, Premium Choices)

The episode mod APK is like one of those engaging games that will not let you waste time on them. It is a fascinating story game with specific benefits over other story games.

You will be entrusted a character, and boom, you have to enjoy that character’s life from this day forward. The style of dating simulation offered by this game is high compared to other developers. 

It is an excellent simulation game. The episode’s mod APK was designed and offered by Episode Interactive. This is regarded as a single-player game.

Information overview Episode MOD APK:

If you think of playing and downloading the episode mod APK and do not its specifications, you can get your requirements fulfilled in this information overview section.

NameEpisode – Choose Your Story
Size86 MB
Current Version14.80
Requires6.0 and up
Offered ByEpisode Interactive
MOD FeaturesPremium Choices
Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Passes
UpdateJune 17, 2021

Features of Episode MOD APK:

About Episode – Choose Your Story Mod Apk

With love, romance, journey, and drama, the episode mod APK allows you to live your myths. Would it not be great if you are a character in your favorite Story? With over 100,000 exciting stories, the episode mod game makes you do just that, the place you make choices that matter.

Some of the features of episode mod APK are as follows:

  • Episode mod APK is the biggest love game of multiple simulations.
  • You can create characters or an avatar of your own in this game.
  • The visuals and graphics look very natural and straightforward.
  • You can pick the stories you want and start enjoying the game.
  • There are 30 free fantastic stories to be picked.
  • Episode mod APK provides an opportunity to access the community.
  • There are limitless diamonds and passes in this game.
  • The game runs effortlessly without consideration to low-end systems on any device.
  • It seems like we’re in the actual world, and we are connected to the tale.
  • No lagging 
  • Show off your talents and make your opponents envious of you.
  • Live in passion, romance, suspense, and adventures through your stories.

Download Guide of Episode Mod APK:

The episode mod APK latest version is available on Android devices. As well, it is available on pc and IOS devices. So here is a download guide for all of these devices.

For Android and IOS devices:

For the episode mod APK download for android and IOS devices, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • An android device of 6.0 or above
  • Proper internet connection
  • So first, switch the internet on your android device.
  • Search the application of episode mod APK from a dedicated web page to acquire information.
  • Then, you need to download the Episode Mod APK file from the Google Play store.
  • Go to the phone settings and allow all the installations from unknown sources. 
  • Hold a few minutes and press the Install button for the installation process. 
  • Now create your id and embrace an awesome gaming app’s excellent release.

For PC / Windows:

You can download the episode mod APK 2021 for windows / pc in two ways. These are as follows:

  • By using BlueStacks:

The first thing to download the episode mod APK on windows using bluestacks is to download and launch it on your windows / pc. Once you have done this, go to the emulator and search for the ‘Episode.’ Click on one search result. And in this way, the episode mod APK is downloaded on your pc / windows. 

  • Using Nox App player:

First things first, download the Nox App Player on windows. Search for the episode mod APK in the search bar. Click on the search results. And it will download the episode mod APK on your windows / pc.

Episode Mean Girls APK:

It is an outstanding application where you can interact and flirt with your competitor. The episode means girls APK has many collections, and the storyline of their cast members can take any form. You can learn quickly more in the game to realize what most girls want and how best to handle and tell on a first date.

Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK:

Episode-Choose, your Story is among the most luxurious simulation games with so many visual stories that are engaging. You have to create your characters in this game and select the storyline that you’d like to enjoy in this exciting single-player game. To connect with stories quickly, you need to strategically pick your character’s direction.

With tons of immersive stories and millions of reads, it is the most incredible interactive story video game globally. You may have a storyline about those people who make them, and they’re pretty cool.

Importance of Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK:

Choosing the right option and retaining all currencies significantly allows you to advance more efficiently than any other player. The most significant factor is the currency, and in any phase of the game, each currency plays a crucial role. 

Though, the stories on the homepage are expensive to play as inexperienced. In the beginning phases of episodes, the community part is often chosen to be used.

But there are loads of premium items locked in the game, such as costumes, assets, and many other products, and in-app transactions or gems are needed to use them.

Well, now I am presenting you with a completely genuine and 100 percent working episode to fix all your issues related to in-game transactions and gems regarded as Choose Your Story – episode Mod APK unlimited Gems and Passes.

Features of Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK:

All of the stories are easily understandable and published by professional authors who make the Episode mod APK the most popular game worldwide to choose your Story. There are several significant explanations why to download this game, and that is given as follows: 

Here I will demonstrate the basic features of the episode- choose your story mod APK. 

Unlimited Gems

episode unlimited gems

In the Episode mod APK game, the gems are a form of currency that enables users to purchase customized and premium outfits and items for their character. 

If you want to earn and win more and more gems, you have to watch several videos. Video watching can take a large amount of your data and precious time, but it is worth earning the gems.

Unlimited Passes

episode unlimited passes

If you are an enthusiastic user of the Episode mod APK game and enjoy reading stories, you must know the significance of game passes. 

In the regular game of episodes, we have only a limited number of passes to play the costly stories. So it is a restriction of the episode mod APK. 

But in the episode-Choose Your Story Mod APK, you can get an unlimited number of passes so that you can enjoy the game. You can use these passes to play costly stories without facing any challenge. And this bonus is for as much time as you want. 

Premium Choices

episode premium choices

To make tremendous success in the Episode mod APK game, selecting a character plays a vital part. But in the standard version of the game, the names are encrypted and can only be unlocked after costing real money. So you are not able to select a premium character.

So, the developers have completely updated the Episode game that allows you to use premium options, totally free. 

Free Purchases

Episode free purchases

In-app payments required for the use of certain premium products and services are not available in the standard version. But you can buy any costly product without costing a damn cent, with the aid of Episode- Choose Your Story mod APK. Go, download and play the premium gaming with the episode story Mod APK version.

Unlimited Followers

Episode unlimited followers

It is challenging to attract followers in the Episode game as we have to post more engaging stories to gain popularity among followers on our profile. Almost always, what we expect takes so much time.

But you can earn infinite followers even without posting a single story after uploading the updated version of the episode.

Enjoy Stories of your Interest

Episode stories of your interest

In the Episode- Choose Your Story game, the most competent scriptwriters apply their ability to establish circumstances. When you open the game and amuse yourself, you can feel like you exist in another world. 

It is an entirely wonderful dreamland where things are considerably more dramatic, unlike your everyday reality. As if you are the much-wanted individual of all times, the world seems to circle you. It gives you a feeling of being famous and loving like a film star as you continue to play the game.

Stunning Graphics

Episode Stunning Graphics

Each storyline you pick is the effort of a competent group of individuals. Whether you notice or not notice, but multiple artists draw every plot. So, one can also sit and enjoy the Story, the way the scenario leads, drawing viewpoints, and particularly the close-up of dynamic movements, in addition to focusing on the choices. 

All the characters are superb regularly and have adorable looks. The characters in horror films, on the other hand, still have a terrifying look. To inspire players and allow them to achieve an unforgettable experience, designers and artists did a fantastic job of integrating cinematic effects.

Episode – Choose your story mod APK latest version 2021:

Right away, after purchasing the Episode-Choose Your Story mod APK game, these episodes are available for free to download. This suggests that you would not be deprived of something if you wish to buy the items. 

You can also get seven free gems as a bonus. The greatest thing about all this is that the episodes can be played to you anytime, which implies that you can easily take advantage of the free trial.

Episode-Choose your Story is the perfect free ticket to get started whenever collecting gems. You can collect gems by fixing scenes and exploring the surroundings. You can also collect gems while attempting to solve puzzles and fulfill challenges. By completing the different goals available in each episode, you can quickly stack up points and unlock more attacks.

The gameplay of episode-choose your Story:                          

  • The gaming of episode-choose your Story is easy and straightforward. It would help if you got the costumes and assets personalized to develop and design your avatars. While gaming, you have to make relations with the various types of individuals close to those of the real world.
  • Also, explore as many locations with them as you can. This will help you achieve links and aim to make a reliable connection.
  • Only you are the maker and designer of your Story, so try virtually managing the highs and lows.
  • As expected, the road of your ambitions has some spikes thrown on it, so to overcome it, try to treat your life car strategically and effectively.
  • You will get an opportunity to travel with star players as early as you win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the episode mod APK are given in this section.

How to get gems on the episode for IOS devices?

First of all, turn off the auto rotation. 
Go to settings and turn off the background app refresh.
Go to your browser, and go to mod apps.co. Search for the episode game. It is the injection page. It will say ‘injection required.’ 
Tap on the start injection button. Go to your episode app now, and you will see there are so many gems and passes added to your account.
In this way, you can get unlimited gems on your IOS devices. 

How to get gems on the episode for android devices?

Go to settings, and turn off the auto rotation. Open your browser and go to mod apps.co. Go to the search bar and search for the episode. Tap on the results. 
Start the injection process by tapping the ‘start injection.’ 
Go to the episode game, and you will see that there are unlimited gems and passes available on your account.

How to get unlimited tickets on the episode?

You can get unlimited tickets or passes in the episode game in the same way that I have described in question number 1. 

How to get free diamonds on the episode?

You can get free diamonds on the episode by watching videos. Furthermore, if you need unlimited diamonds, you can follow the tips mentioned in question number 1. 


The episode mod APK is a fun game. Here you can create your own stories. If you are a person who is fed up with the daily routine of life, then he/she can make a complete story of its own. Also, you can develop your characters or avatars for your stories.

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