Geometry Dash MOD APK for IOS (All Features Unlocked)

Geometry dash Mod APK IOS is created in a somewhat neon style. It is an original platform video game with crazy gameplay that influences the players. All the visuals in this game are highly simplistic, but they are entertaining. The Geometry Mod APK is a blend of gameplay, rhythm, and melody. 

It is indeed a free-action game performed by leaping and moving through barriers. While playing this game, you must focus on your speed to get high scores.

An insight of Geometry mod APK for IOS:

about geometry dash mod apk for IOS

If you want the Geometry Dash mod APK for iPhone practice, you can get it even after many attempts. This game is famous for its innovative perspective on the levels of difficulty. So, you will find it too challenging at first, but when you get the technique of it, you’re going to enjoy advancing through this game.

The User Experience Geometry Dash provides a suitable interface for iPhone. It is among the most excellent games you can play, given the lineup of related games available for IOS. It gives simple settings and buttons for use. Instantly after you open the Geometry Dash game for the iPhone, you can notice all the choices.

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Geometry Dash Mod APK

Levels of Geometry Mod Game:

There are so many exciting levels in the geometry mod APK IOS. And I am listing some of these levels here. These are as follows:

Stereo Madness:

Stereo Madness

It is considered the first level of the geometry mod APK game. So it is a challenging superficial level for the players. 

Description of stereo madness:

The first level of the game, stereo madness, includes the sequences that contain cubes and peaks with basic hopping structures. So it presents the cube shape level. This level also consists of comfy maneuvers around the game barriers, so the ship type is also added.


  • At 50 percent, the very first hidden coin is found and collected as a cube. You have to hop and repeatedly jump up the first two columns in the level. After the first ship series, slide through a crack in the third column and move down to catch your 1st coin in the stereo madness level coin.
  • At 75%, the second hidden coin is collected as a cube. You have to jump four times on a series of descending blocks after riding on four narrow parallel platforms. Then jump off the second to last block to catch the coin, clearing a small spike upon returning to the main path.

Back On Track:

back on track

In the geometry mod APK IOS, back on track is the 2nd level. Back on track is also a combination of easy and difficult barriers and obstacles.

In terms of both action and significant danger, Back on Track presents the yellow jump pad, contributing to more diverse jump movements.

Around 50 percent to 66 percent, a single ship series takes place.



It is regarded as the 3rd level of geometry mod APK. This level is somewhat more tricky than the above two. And it is considered to be the average difficulty level. 

The yellow jump ring is implemented by Polargeist, which begins to expand the degree of jumping difficulty, especially during the second cube series. Around 34 percent to 47 percent, a single ship series takes place.

Dry Out:

dry out

It is the 4th level in the geometry mod APK. It is the average difficulty level in the game. 

Dry Out launches the gravity platform from 34 percent to 51 percent for an antigravity cube section. More commonly, vertical obstacles exist, requiring tighter motion and preventing excessive leaping. Around 67 percent to 84 percent, a single ship series takes place.

Download guide for geometry dash mod APK for IOS:

For downloading geometry mod APK for IOS devices, follows these simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • Go to Google on your IOS devices.
  • Search for the geometry mod APK
  • Click on one of the results and then tap on the download option.
  • So now you just have to open the game’s installer on your IOS device. in this installer, you have to choose the option where you want to install the geometry mod game
  • The game will be downloaded.
  • Allow it to install by continuing the process. 


Geometry mod APK for IOS devices is one of the best amusing and action games. The IOS version of the geometry mod APK game features user-friendly graphics and visuals. It has an extensive interface to provide the best playing experience.

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