GIO WhatsApp v8.50 (Official) | Download Latest Version 2022

The app gio whatsapp is one of the most trending apps right now. It has all the goodness that you ever asked for. This application can satisfy all those who have always wanted more in WhatsApp. Now, this application provides all those benefits without any requirement. Additionally, whatsapp gio is the safest and most secure app compared to other editions.

GIO WhatsApp

The app gio Whatsapp 8.50 offers a variety of new tools and features along with many other benefits. Also, all these app features are in the desired list of everyone who used to use WhatsApp. So download gio Whatsapp apk and avail all those features and tools that you have wanted for so long. Moreover, it won’t charge anything from the user. Not even the downloading will ask you to pay anything.

Download GIO WhatsApp Latest Version

GIO Whatsapp
App NameGIO WhatsApp
Current Versionv8.50
Android Requirement4.0 and above
File Size29.4 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of GIO WhatsApp

  • Strict Privacy

The samsung gio whatsapp APK has stringent privacy that allows users to enable “online” status. Now they can hide their “online” status from anybody they don’t want to see online. Also, they can specifically pick contacts to conceal their “online” status.

  • Change Font, Size, and Color

Users can now customize their WhatsApp because the app will provide them with various colors, fonts, and sizes. Additionally, all the sizes, fonts, and colors are unlocked, and that’s why users can use any of them. However, they can turn their WhatsApp the way they like the most by using all these tools.

  • Copy Status

Now you don’t have to download any other app to download the status of any of your contact. Because descarger gio whatsapp will allow you to copy anybody’s WhatsApp status just by tapping on it, now saving your favorite statuses on WhatsApp is just one click away.

  • Hide Call and Recording Option

If you want a command to choose who can make you a call on WhatsApp, then download gio whatsapp apk, and then you’ll know, not just select the contacts who can’t call you but also who can send you a voice recording. Users can also choose specific people.

  • Disable Ticks

Users can download gio whatsapp 2022 version, where they’ll be able to disable the double ticks and blue ticks. That’s how they can hide from people who have received or seen their messages.

  • Backups

Now download gio mod whatsapp 8.50, and you won’t miss any of your chat. Because this version will provide you the option of backup just like the gio whatsapp ultima version 2019, you better download gio whatsapp apk.

Mod Features

  • No Need to Pay

Nobody will have to pay anything for the app. Download gio whatsapp free. Also, not just download but use it the whole year without paying anything. It won’t even ask for it at the moment.

How to use it?

Feel free to download gio whatsapp 2022 version because it’s straightforward and convenient for everyone. Even if you’ve never used WhatsApp and want to install it now, there’s no better option than the gio whatsapp pro, as it’s very smooth even for beginners. Moreover, it’s the safest edition, so don’t worry about your device and privacy.

What’s New?

Download gio whatsapp 2022 edition. So, you can avail everything, from old and new features and tools. Also, this new version is available free of charge for everyone as it doesn’t even have a single premium feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, users will be able to backup all of their data without any requirement or any hustle.

You can do a lot more. For example, you can enable the calling and voice recording option for selective contacts. That’s how they won’t be able to make you a ca or send voice recordings.

You can download anyone’s status from your contacts with just one click.

Final Verdict on GIO WhatsApp

You can have all the advanced features if you download gio whatsapp. Additionally, it won’t cause any harm to you or your device because it’s fully secure and anti-ban.

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