KICK THE BUDDY MOD APK 1.0.7 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Don’t bother to wander around for kick the buddy mod apk, download its latest version from the below-given download button. Kick the Buddy is the game’s name that helps you spend your leisure time with much fun. Kick the Buddy APK is the best way to destroy or freeze your enemy.

And now, you don’t have to waste all your expensive stuff in your stress, as you can do all that in the digital world. It is a kind of virtual world for its players.

Don’t be worried! There are weapons, rockets, and above all, a dangerous nuclear weapon in the Kick the buddy game.


APP NAMEKick The Buddy
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money/Gold
COMPATIBLE DEVICESAndroid 5.0 or above
UPDATEDMay 26, 2021


about kick the buddy mod apk

Kick the Buddy forever mod APK is now free and is available on almost all devices. You can play Kick the buddy game on both mobile phones and Windows.

The Dynamic action with beautiful and high-quality game graphics of Kick the Buddy forever mod APK will entice you to blow up, experiment, and enjoy the stunning shots of the unique weapons in a fun test with your Buddy.

You can also visit various locations and use new types of weapons to check their effectiveness and crushing strength. In this way, you can make the best use of your leisure time.

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The Kick the buddy game helps you to calm your mind and soothe it. You can kill, destroy, and suspend your enemy, and there’s no limit to what you want. Indeed, the game will make sure you don’t ruin your friendship with your best friend or break anything costly. The key features of Kick the Buddy APK mod are as follows:

Adding your Friend to the Game:

adding friend in kick the buddy game

When it comes to relieving stress, all is perfect when something is done with friends. So, the Kick the buddy game enables you to add your friends or mates to the game so that you can smash things together to double the fun. You can kill your opponent together with your friends.

Excellent Graphics:

kick the buddy graphics

Kick the buddy game is not just a fun game that allows tension and frustration to be minimized. The game features excellent graphics, and to smash and break items, the players have to make fair use of physics principles. Throwing watermelons on the character, for example, requires the player’s efficient use of target skills.

Wide Range of Categories:

kick the buddy wide categories

There is a wide range of elements and categories in the Kick the Buddy mod APK 2020 that the gamer can use to render unique combinations. So, it doesn’t let you get that easily bored. The game gives you the absolute freedom to decide how you want to reduce your anger, tension, or stress.

Perfect Solution to Reduce Frustration

kick the buddy reduce frustration

For anyone looking for someone to take out their rage, Kick the Buddy mod APK is the perfect one-stop solution. The game provides an infinite arsenal to beat for a volcano that is about to blow up. This game promises that you will be comfortable and free from tension once you started playing it.

Unlimited Money In Kick the Buddy

kick the buddy unlimited money

The game features the great benefit of having limitless coins to make sure you can buy the best rifles and the best grenades without thinking about the price tag out there in the shop.

Kick the buddy unlimited money is real fun for the users, and change the costumes and playing modes with this money’s help. So you can have a seamless gaming experience that is free of stress with Kick the Buddy.

Enjoy a match with or without the Network Connection

kick the buddy conection

And if you’re offline at the moment, don’t worry; you can still play this fantastic game for as long as you want without an Internet connection. You need to only open the game and so you can enjoy your buddy being tortured for hours.

Above all, once your internet connection is back, all your previous gaming will be uploaded online so you don’t need to worry about it either.


You can download the Kick the buddy game on almost any device. The installation requires an internet connection and a kick the buddy mod APK download file.

If you want to install kick the buddy game on your Android device, you must need:

  • A strong internet connection
  • The android device of 5.0 or above
  • APK file of Kick the buddy game

Now, follow these steps to install the game on your device:

Step 1: Go to your web browser.

Step 2: Search for the latest version of Kick the buddy game APK file that has all features of no ads and unlimited gold and money.

Step 3: Go for it and download the APK file.

Step 4: Once the APK file is downloaded, open the file for further processing.

Step 5: You can start the installation by clicking on the install button.

Step 6: Must check your phone settings and allow installation from an unknown source.

Step 7: So, the Kick the Buddy game is installed on your Android device. Enjoy playing it.


There are some frequently asked questions in the mind of the users of Kick the buddy game. Here are some FAQs related to the game. I hope that this section will solve all your queries related to kick the buddy game.

Can everyone download Kick the buddy game?

Yes, it is available on different devices. I have explained above how to download it on Android devices. If you want to download it on iOS, it will require iOS 9.0.

Is kick the Buddy forever available on Android?

Yes, it is available on Android devices.

Is kick the Buddy bad for kids?

Yes, kick the buddy game is too violent for the kids. So you must avoid your kids to play this game.

Can I make Buddy on Kick the Buddy?

Yes, it is possible to add your buddies to the game. You can add your own buddy in the game by paying 15700 bucks.

How to do shopping in Kick the Buddy?

To access the shop in Kick the Buddy, you need to go to the upper corner on the right-hand side of the screen. It will have a gold and bucks icon, tap on it.
You can also buy costumes and other things by going to your profile and then selecting the bank option via the Wardrobe section.


Concluding the entire discussion, Kick the buddy game is a fun and action-based game that helps to relieve your stress and anger in a digital world. The users can play and download this game on Android as well as iOS devices. All the features and download guides related to the Kick the buddy mod APK are explained above.

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