KRWhatsApp v8.0 – APK Download For Android 2022

The app krwhatsapp is very well known, and it is designed for android devices, including high-end to low. It supports any of them. Additionally, it not just only offers tools and features but also it is providing high-end privacy and safety to the content of users and their devices. It is a very beneficial application. No one doesn’t know about this app. So download krwhatsapp apk to get everything to avail all the benefits. 


The krwhatsapp apk is here to serve the world with advanced quality WhatsApp and a wide range of tools and features. Moreover, users will access all these features once they download krwhatsapp apk latest version. Lastly, there are many hidden features and functions as well that you’ll find after you install the app. These hidden features in the setting will also be unlocked and available. In short, no premium features do exist in this application.

Download KRWhatsApp Latest Version

App NameKRWhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size35.6 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of KR WhatsApp

  • Sending Large Files

Sending large files is not a big deal anymore because krwhatsapp mod apk has this feature to send larger files to any of your contacts. Users don’t have to sense the file in two rounds as they can do it simultaneously.

  • Translation

Translation of messages is straightforward in krwhatsapp apk, and users can translate any message they receive. Additionally, if they want to forward the same translated message to any other contact, they can do that by copying the translated text.

  • Theme

It has many themes. Fortunately, all the articles are unlocked, so users can customize the app’s interface by choosing any of their favorite tunes. Meanwhile, they can also change the theme anytime they want without any requirement.

  • Auto Reply

The auto-reply is one of the best things because due to this feature, users don’t have to open the app repeatedly to reply to anybody. They can send replies without opening the app through the auto-reply feature. However, they can use any app without switching to WhatsApp to respond.

  • No Banning Policy

Though it’s the modified version, nobody will go through any mess of banning. Krwhatsapp is an anti-ban app that is thoroughly verified by the authorities, and anybody can download it on their android devices.

  • Copy Status

Not to worry about downloading any other application to copy the statuses of your contacts. Because in krwhatsapp apk, you’ll have a feature to copy anybody’s quality you like without doing anything extra.

Mod Features

  • Secure and Safe

Even though it’s a modified version, still it’s the safest one among all. The app won’t cause anything wrong with your device. Nor it’ll cause damage to your security. Even it’ll protect your device from unnecessary viruses and bugs.

  • Not Paid

Download this krwhatsapp free of charge. It’s available for everyone from all around the world, whoever has android devices. Moreover, there are no charges for anything.

How to use it?

The krwhatsapp is user-friendly, and users will get each point quickly as it’s developed in a way so anybody can understand this; even the newcomer can understand everything within no time.

What’s New?

You’ll see many things on Krwhatsapp. Such as more than 250 characters to cases, pin your desired chat, sending large files, auto-reply messages, and many more features. Also, all these features of Krwhatsapp are unlocked and free to use for everything worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, everyone will be able to send essentially larger files through the app.

Yeah, it has a translation feature, and you can switch messages to another language.

No, it won’t cause any harm. It’s the safest WhatsApp application for Android devices.

Final Verdict on KR WhatsApp

Download the krwhatsapp your android device now if you want to use all the exciting features and lots of new tools and elements. Moreover, nobody will ask to pay a single buck to use all these features. Even you can avail yourself everything free of charge for a whole year. 

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