Soula WhatsApp v6.40 – APK Download For Android 2022

The app soula WhatsApp is beneficial and convenient for everyone. Also, it is among the top mod versions of WhatsApp. It’ll give the user complete access to everything in the application to have a command on everything. Though other modes are available, this one has extraordinary goodness to offer to people worldwide. So, download soula WhatsApp lite and enjoy everything it is offering.

Soula WhatsApp

The soula WhatsApp is just as useful as the FM WhatsApp. It doesn’t work as a standard app, providing many new tools, elements, and features. Additionally, soula mods doesn’t have anything locked and blocked. It’ll give everything to all the users after downloading the application. However, as a matter of security, this app is fully secured and the safest. So better go for this version to have genuine services.

Download Soula WhatsApp Latest Version

Soula WhatsApp
App NameSoula WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size43.1 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Features of Soula WhatsApp

  • Share Film Files

The soula WhatsApp is a convenient app for sending film files. Also, they can transfer up to 700MB of film files with any of their contacts. Fortunately, the quality of files won’t change while sending, and the receiver will receive the file in the same quality you send.

  • New Emoticons and Smileys

The soula WhatsApp official has a wide range of new emoticons and smileys. Users will have them in many different themes. Additionally, after every soula WhatsApp update, you’ll get more new sets of emoticons and emoji’s, and none of those will be locked.

  • 100 Files

Sending long and many files isn’t the problem anymore because, through the soula app, you can send 100 files of different formats to anybody. Additionally, you can do it casually without following any process and completing any unnecessary requirements.

  • Minimize your Text

It’s one of the unique features of soula WhatsApp; with the help, user can minimize their long written text into small text by using the “text selectable” feature. However, now you don’t need to send long paragraphs to anybody while you can complete your message in small lines.

  • Write More Long Status

Now you don’t have to worry about the word count of your situation, nor do you have to write your desired status in fewer words because, in this app, users can put their status larger than before as they’ll have extra space to write their statuses.

  • Backup Copies

You cannot just have a backup of your WhatsApp content a single time; you can also make copies of the backup of your WhatsApp content by retrieving information. So from now on, your chat is still saved even if you’ve unintentionally deleted it twice, as you’ll have many copies of your backup.

Mod Features

  • Ads Free

No annoying ads are available in this app, and nobody will have to watch any unnecessary and irritating ads while downloading or using soula whatsapp 2022. So, download soula whatsapp or download gb whatsapp and get ads-free WhatsApp and many other benefits.

  • Nothing to Pay

Use soula a million times, use every little thing this app offers, and get it all. Free of charge. As fm whatsapp is made to provide free service to everyone. From downloading soula to using it thoroughly, everything is free for everyone from all around the world.

How to use it?

If you’ve used WhatsApp earlier, or even if you’ve never used such an app, anyone will still be able to handle this app smoothly. As developed, you have this app for everyone; that’s why they designed it in the easiest to make it convenient for everyone.

What’s New?

The soula whatsapp apk download if you want to avail a variety of new features and tools. This current version offers many latest things, such as more privacy options, backup copies, sending 700MB long files, sharing up to 100 images, and many more. Just make sure to choose the latest version of soula to avail everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can share 100 files in various formats at a time.

Yeah, the soula app will provide high-end security and safety to your content and device.

Yes, it’s essential if you want to get more new emoticons, emoji’s, and features.

Final Verdict on Soula WhatsApp

Download the latest version of soula whatsapp and give yourself the most advanced features and tools without any requirement.

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